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A Thing Called Passion


You can achieve great things if you only know how to love what you are doing. These wise words impact our modern scenario. The lockdown has limited the industry’s operation, cut down our physical work set-up, and made us virtual for some time. Essential questions are hanging for us to answer. Are we ready to go back to our pre-isolation framework? Should we settle in this kind of workplace? Do we still have the fire to continue our work?

Today’s generation has been exposed to the advancement of technology and is adaptive to the occurring changes. However, dedication and experience are getting rare for individuals. I’m constantly pondering on these thoughts and realize a thing called passion. Work sounds tiring, stressful, and heavy. But, adding the desire to your work feels more fulfilling, manageable, and light.

Passion is not something that you can just learn in an instant; it’s a process. My passion brought me to this place of comfort, belongingness, and continuous growth. I’m learning how to embrace each role and perform at my best. My heart goes to seeking and developing new skills to improve my performance. Passion for work allowed me to appreciate the time and effort everyone has committed.

I always remind myself that every day is an opportunity to grow and learn. It made me realize that I’m no longer doing work, but I’m pursuing a career. Passion gave me a more meaningful purpose. It’s not just all about the leaves or the salary, or even the benefits. This is my life now.

Finding a job that you’ll love is quite challenging. There will always be internal and external factors. An answered prayer for me to be able to work and do a job that I love. Even if the current generation lacks experience, dedication and passion will still prevail. It’s all about working smart and hard, plus doing it with fun and love. More than just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Yes, we’ve been struggling to get back to our normal state but hustling to get back to work. The world may be telling me to minimize my efforts or keep me from getting productive, but one thing’s for sure, when I have a passion for work, everything else will follow.

Passion has seen the light. I believe that greater things come from the passion for oneself.

You can perform your duties when you have dedication. You understand your role when you devote yourself. Passion is a powerful tool for all of us. Let us learn how to utilize it to its full potential.

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