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By Eduardo F. Molina, Teacher III – Cabog Cabog Integrated School

In the implementation of alternative delivery modalities like modular learning, the teachers and parents must be united in order to attain success in the education of the schoolchildren. They are the key players in this time in guiding the learners along the way.

          There is continuous communication between teachers and parents. The teachers are able to communicate with parents and this is good for the education of the schoolchildren. This is a great scenario for the key persons in their lives who are partners in guiding and assisting their studies through communication.

          The learning materials are completely distributed.  Whenever the learning materials are given adequately to parents like modules, activity sheets, and the like, this means that the education of every learner is being assured. This is advantageous for the learners receive the complete learning package from the school most especially during the New Normal.

          The learners are well-guided. Through the fusion between the teacher and parent, the child is truly well-guided. The teacher facilitates learning while the parent supports and assists the education of the child.

          The queries are easily responded. If there is cooperation and communication between the teacher and parent, the various queries regarding school matters may be answered very well and completely.

          The learners are able to attain better academic performances when the teacher and parent are connected.  Aside from the usual guidance coming from the teacher and parents, the learners are also inspired in their respective studies.

The active involvement and coordination of parents with teachers improves the student’s learning. Aside from considering academic performance, the absorption and retention of learning may be more successful if the teacher and parents have joint efforts in educating the learners.

The teacher-parent fusion is indeed beneficial. It is great to have this practice in schools because it increases the learning and academic achievements of learners. Also, it builds or establishes a strong working relationship between the teacher and parent.

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