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Amidst the threat of COVID19

Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao

It was a challenging moment when the World Health Organization announced the threat of the pandemic Corona Virus Disease also known as COVID 19. It posted a fear and threat to the lives of every individual across the globe. In addition, it has taken away many lives of different people including the front liners that have been fighting against COVID 19.

            Consequently, because of COVID 19 it affected the learning process of every learner particularly in .the Philippines where safe environment is not possible because of the enemy that cannot be seen. In that case, to prevent further damage due to the situation, the Department of Education implemented health initiatives in addressing the concern centered to COVID 19 which was led by the school heads and teachers. It was a stunning moment to see the resiliency of every personnel under the umbrella of education in ensuring safety to every learner in spite of the mental stress that COVID 19 had caused.

            Moreover, it was defined that resiliency is the ability and capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Although COVID 19  had caused so much in the history of the World it had opened up  doors of opportunity to witness and see how resilient the Filipinos are in the Department of Education. Through the coordination of the School Heads, Health Team, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Team down to the teachers. One of the most powerful intervention that was implemented as part of the solution to the problem is through health education.

            Health education is imperative for the survival of every learner, As a matter of fact it is the key in preventing harm and danger. It even draws solutions to every existing problem. Health education is an effective tool that was proven in battling against the threat of COVID 19. Through proper health education to every learner it decreases the chances of acquiring the virus recklessly. It was revealed that through the entire process technology played a vital role in bringing information to every student quickly and helping every learner prepare for every possible scenario that may arise.

            The process of dealing against the threat of COVID 19 was not easy especially since it affected not only the school calendar of activities but it also caused a source of mental stress among people. Amidst all of the tribulations caused by COVID 19 it was seen how strong the collective efforts of every individual in making the school health initiatives work in the Philippines particularly in the City Schools Division of Balanga. It is indeed that there are some cases that danger is inevitable however when everyone come across to a common goal and when there is a collective effort in coming up with an effective plan in the end every one will come out victorious against the battle of  Corona Virus Disease or COVID 19.

            Lastly, there is no price tag that could ever compliment to the efforts given by every teacher in lifting up the educational system and ensuring safety to every learner amidst COVID 19.

Written by:

Benjamin Joseph Baluyot Lomibao
Benjamin Joseph Baluyot Lomibao

Teacher, City of Balanga National HIgh School – Junior HIgh School

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