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An educational shift: Online Learning as a New paradigm in Learning

Guevarra, Liezl V., Teacher IICupang Elementary School

Although online education is still an emerging market in our country, some schools and universities are already resorting to technology as instructional material. With the continuing changes and rising modernization of the Philippine education system, educators are trying not to be left behind. Now, students can learn via various internet sources. Notebooks and pens are slowly getting replaced with electronic gadgets like netbooks and iPad. Effective learning can be achieved by two-way communication between the educator and the learner, so how does online learning affect the quality of education we have today?

            Regardless of the fear brought by the possible distraction of students with the use of gadgets, various studies surprisingly showed that it helped improve their learning. Provided with proper guidance, students can improve their learning much easier through the use of online supplements. E-mailed lectures are easily disseminated and interactive applications are provided to enhance students’ skills. Given these options, students can easily work at home. This also favors some students who are not comfortable voicing their opinions or reciting in front of their teachers and classmates.

            Even though traditional face-to-face learning should still be used as it can provide precise communication between teachers and students, we should also consider the advantages of using online learning. Students have the opportunity to plan their study time and it also lessens the expenses for commuting as they do not need to go to their respective classrooms anymore.

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