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Written by: Remle Jaicon O. Sanchez, Administrative Assistant II – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

A positive office environment is a big factor for retaining skillful employees, since this kind of environment is an instrument for employees to be always motivated to perform well. They can be trusted to help an office to maintain things to run smoothly. An office worker needs a wide system of skills in order to function well and succeed in their roles. When you are an employee in a school, big or small, almost everyone is counting on you, especially about teacher’s records, files and other relevant things regarding their service files. Today, almost all office job applicants are computer-literate, but all others qualities and skills must be also considered. The right employee should possess the qualities that must fit in the organization. It is right to hire an employee who will bring positive changes in the office environment. Like other employees, office workers in a school must be motivated, committed and produced quality works. He or she is always passionate in what he does, and he or she is one who can establish trusted relationship with co workers. Office employees project the quality of being a hard-working, dedicated, and determined worker to deliver task on time, making the school head to delegate him or her the important tasks. An ideal office employee are open with discussions with the school principal about challenges encountered, ideas, opinions, suggestions or recommendations in a nice and polite way. One quality of an office worker is his or her high ethical standards as evidenced by his or her honesty, courtesy, integrity, dependability self-respect and respect for others.

            Another attribute of an ideal office worker is that of being confident and good communication skills, in which an applicant may use this even yet in the job application stage, and whenever hired, he or she can possibly be an ideal worker as evidenced by his or her oral and written communication skills; as well as in his skills in presentation.

         Ultimately, an ideal office worker should be a good team player who always yield a productive results   An employee who refuses to cooperate fully with the team lacks a critical skill and displays poor human relationships.

            Once the school has identified those who are outstanding employees, the employers, must appreciate them for a good job performance by way of either certificate of recognition, cash reward, service credits or other benefits for employees..

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