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Written by: Rowena Cunanan, Teacher III – Cataning Elementary School

Modular instruction is definitely the most comprehensively applied and utilized by the teachers among the various learning delivery modalities. Most teachers give high credits and recognition primarily towards modular learning modality for being the most accessible and available alternative learning method for the learners subjected to distance learning. One of the most beneficial features of modular learning modality is the highest level of accessibility of modular tools for all learners either those who have access or have no access to technological tools and virtual learning platforms at home.

          That is why many teachers who are engaged in modular design and development continue to employ best practices to enhance the quality and contents of teacher-made modular learning materials. These best practices and measures to enhance the quality of the developed modules can be justified with academic and scientific objectives. For instance, integrating additional skills and competencies is intended for the purpose of making the modular tools more comprehensive in scope. Making the contents more localized and contextualized in approach implies the initiative to make the modular materials more applicable and realistic to the learning endeavor of the learners. Meanwhile, developing an on-line version of these learning modules for learners with access to technology at home implies the endeavor to ensure equal access of all learners to modular tools. Integrating more learning tasks and activities that will involve the participation of parents or family members in the learning activities reflect the initiatives to make modular instruction capable of drawing sufficient support system from the families of learners. Furthermore, developing separate set of modules for learners with in the different ability groups make these materials more developmentally-appropriate for all learners. It also reflects the endeavor to adhere with the principle of education for all learners even amidst this crisis via equal access to quality modular learning materials.

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