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Components of Great Teaching

Written by: Guia P. De Jesus

Teacher III, Cupang Elementary School

It is not easy to pin the exact definition of great teaching. The yardstick often used is the achievements of the students they handle. However, this is a vague means to fully justify whether teaching is great or effective. Nevertheless, critical judgment of effective teaching would always entail seeing the progress made by the students.

              In assessing teaching quality, the following are suggested to be used considering the limitations and attributes being presented:

  1. Knowledge of content. When a teacher knows by heart what he is teaching, he is able to deliver well the concepts of the subject. He can clearly demonstrate to the students and guide them in understanding the lessons as they try to process the learning through their own understanding.  The teacher can identify common misconceptions and correct them accordingly.
  2. Effective discussions and questioning, appropriate assessment methods, and providing adequate practice to instill the learning are all crucial to effective teaching.
  3. The teacher is able to create and provide a conducive learning environment. He is able to facilitate learning to any group of students or any type of learner.
  4. The teacher is able to manage the class efficiently. This consists of consistency in efficient use of time, managing students’ behavior, and utilizing classroom space and resources effectively. Good learning can take place when this is provided and secured.
  5. The goals and beliefs of the teacher can influence his teaching and his interaction with the students. His professionalism also impacts the effectiveness of his teaching. The role and the nature of the teacher’s behavior are all crucial to the entire learning process.

As mentioned, these components are attributions and limitations at the same time. Not all can be present at one time in a teacher. If one or two is missing, this does not mean that the teaching is not effective at all, rather, it is something that can be conscientiously improved on. These are just guide for a teacher if he is to deliver the greatest teaching he wants to do every time he is doing his vocation.

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