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Learning takes place when there is a giver and receiver of knowledge. Those are the primary consideration. Secondary to it is the environment where learning takes place. We should also consider the learning environment of our learners. A conducive learning environment is an environment that allows one to learn more easily. It is a place that satisfies the needs of its participants, not only in the acquisition of numeracy and literacy skills, more importantly, the life skills and moral values of the learners. They must become the citizens that our country needs in building the nation.

A classroom that permits open communication between students and teachers is an example of a conducive learning environment, and such a setting also includes the following components:

1. The administration of the classroom, student engagement, and environment for innovation should be acceptable.

2. The environment should promote conversation. It has to do with the active

3. Adult learners should be in a stress-free setting. The adult educator should make an effort to keep the students from engaging in unhealthy competition. This is due to the stress that a competitive workplace will produce. Less fortunate people will feel excluded, and the talkative ones will rule the class.

4. The adult educator should employ a range of teaching methods. A number of strategies should be used by the adult educator to enhance effective teaching and learning. The atmosphere should allow the adult learner to pursue his educational goals in the manner that best suits him. The pace of the adult learner should be respected. Any work requiring rapid movement ought to be avoided.

6. The learning atmosphere should make the student feel appreciated, at ease, and that he is studying something that matters to him.

7. The atmosphere must be welcoming, relaxed, and amusing. This means that the teacher must be adaptable enough to take into account the disparities among the students.

8. The setting should allow adult learners the freedom to ask questions without fear of embarrassment.

These are just some of the basic elements that should be present for it to be considered a conducive learning environment. Learning will be cultivated if the environment is good enough but the most important part after all is the prime source of knowledge and the one’s receiving it.

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