DepEd Balanga City

Constant Call for Improvement

KARLA LIZA P. IZON, Administrative Assistant III

The world is fast changing. Ideas, practices, concepts, principles, and rules may be appropriate or relevant today, but tomorrow will be different.
Continuous review, testing, and evaluation are called for; hence, quality improvement is significant. Constant improvement is a notion that includes the following:
Quality assurance — the provision of services that meet a certain appropriate standard. It has a defined PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check, and Act.
Problem resolution- including all divisions involved in the issue to be resolved.
Quality improvement is an organized approach to evaluating the performance of systems and operations, then discovering required improvements in functional and operational areas.
According to Natenstedt, every successful Quality Improvement (QI) plans need a champion. “The major factor contributing to successful implementation is highly committed senior leadership. For any quality improvement process, you need a commander who wants to make it materialize. Success occurs because someone at the top is pushing for it.” Quality improvement was espoused not so long ago. It is a total system reform to achieve quality improvement, substituting the status quo and a revolutionary change. Accepting that those who provide services act in good faith and do not intentionally fail to do what is correct.
The constant call for improvement among teaching and non-teaching personnel in the Division of Balanga City is a must to ensure the standard of services to the clients. Therefore, the Division also sustains quality improvement training to streamline the management of quality improvement exertions as an effective way to realize success. Kudos to the staff responsible for crafting and providing seminars/training to achieve a constant call for improvement for our professional and personal growth.

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