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Written by: Edryll R. Contreras, Teacher III-BNHS JHS

“Commoner where would you go when this world is destroyed? Commoner what would you do, to protect nature??”, a heartfelt message from Joey Ayala’s song “The Commoner”. We have received numerous blessings and assistance from our Nature, a gift bestowed by God that will surely help the mankind to survive and live its life. But do we truly reciprocate the good fortune we are given? Have we put enough care and importance to these blessings or we’re just taking it for granted? What can people like us do to conserve, nurture, and maintain the environment?

Food, clothing, shelter, and other materials we use daily are all made from raw materials drawn from our environment. Humans have infinite needs, but we have limited resources. However, other people are already surpassing these limits. As society evolved, and populations increased, it leads to necessitating the usage of more and more resources to fulfill the expansion and growing civilization. Our resources are all unevenly distributed around the world, used as a profit platform of few, and being exploited by mean giants disguised as provider of growth, success, and ease. In connection to that, our nature bears the grunt of our avarice. People who do not value or care about the environment are gradually ruining it. God has given man the freedom to govern his creations, not to abuse and destroy them. Thus, we owe it to the natural world to keep it in order and beautiful.

If you observe your surroundings, our environment is full of trash, such as plastics thrown on the road, garbage littered in the river, smoke from factories, and many other pollutants dangerous to our mother nature. We cannot blame any other else but only us, humans, who continually contributes on slaughtering our nature. We are the ones who started and continue doing things that we know are harmful to the environment but at the same time, we also continue turning a blind eye on these situations. Therefore, we are also to blame for the various threats we are currently facing from it.

The consequences of our actions today will eventually haunt us in the future. Well in fact, what we are experiencing at present are the aftermaths of what we have done. The manifestation of severe typhoons, extreme drought, unusual change in our temperature, and other bizarre phenomena are the results of awful behavior towards nature. In the long run without changes and developments in our practices, nature will surely return what we are continuously giving. Our sufferings will recurrently get worse and worse as time goes by.

There are several ways we can start to reconsider our relationship with nature, but each requires a significant amount of understanding, patience, support, and effort. Let us not allow our greed to worsen our nature’s suffering. We must exert significant effort as we play a very important role with huge responsibility in the restoration and preservation of our nature. We have been exploiting the world for far too long, and the consequences are visible everywhere. The world can live without us humas, but we cannot survive without it. It is something we will never be able to replace. Thus, we must change how we approach our environment. We must learn how to value, appreciate, and payback to live harmoniously with the nature. We are all a part of nature, and as such, sure it is our responsibility to protect it and to make sure it is habitable for the next generation.

Before we permanently leave the earth, it is our duty to secure earth to live.

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