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Written by: Remle Jaicon O. Sanchez, Administrative Assistant II – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

In the global communities, almost all the organizations, companies, agencies and other workplaces are undergoing lockdown in compliance with the government health protocols as a result of horrible destruction accorded by COVID 19 Pandemic.

            In this arduous scenario, work‐from‐home set up is implemented by almost all of the organizations. One of these organizations in the Philippines complying with this Order is the Department of Education (DepEd). Due to this challenges brought about by the deadly virus, different agencies and organizations have to comply with the government health protocols. In the education sector, the DepEd is likewise implementing the work from home policy. Most of the employees find this arrangement very challenging because of various reasons. Then limitations in movement also affect the quality of work they can bestow to their customers.

In the present business situation during the COVID‐19 pandemic, employee engagement has become one of the utmost prominent primacies for human resource managers and practitioners in organizations due to lockdown. The paper is to determine the engagement of employees by various companies during coronavirus pandemic. Organizations nowadays are constantly developing innovative and effective means to engage the employees during this tough time. This paper is a conceptual paper that is based on various research papers, articles, blogs, online newspapers, and reports of World Health Organization. During this pandemic situation, organizations are evolving many engagement activities like online family engagement practices, virtual learning and development, online team building activities, webinars with industry experts, online conduct weekly alignment sessions, team meet‐ups over video conference for lunch, short online game sessions, virtual challenges and competitions, online courses, appreciation sessions, communication exercises, live sessions for new‐skill training, online counseling sessions, recognition and acknowledgment session, webinars dealing with anxiety and stress, providing online guidance for exercise and meditation, social interactions in a virtual office, classrooms training modules digitally, e‐learning modules, and many more creative learning sessions. Work‐from‐home regime engagement activities are very fruitful for employees as well as for organizations. Those organizations doing these kinds of engagement activities for their employees are learning new skills and developing themselves. Employees are feeling committed to the organization and stay motivated during this tough time of COVID‐19 pandemic.       Due to this problem, the higher ranking officials of the DepEd organization, are aware that employees’ engagement in their work in this new normal requires innovation in instruction, creativity in presenting their lessons, and effectiveness to comply with the health protocols of the government, and at the same time to maintain the company’s productivity. Some of the prerequisites are social distancing, wearing of face mask and face shields It is clear to every employee that at present, the set up should be complied with to lessen if not to totally eradicate the spread of the deadly virus because of the ongoing global crisis. Employees are having a hard time to engage in healthier and more effective means. . They want to be committed and adhere to an excellent service in the organization with their commitment in line with the organization’s goals and professional working values. It is a fact that employees who can adapt to any working situation will contribute to the success of the agency or organizations resulting to teachers and students’ productivity and the school as a whole.

            On the other hand, DepEd officials should also have consultations with the employees regarding the challenges they encountered in terms of technical, physical, cognitive and emotional aspects in their work from home arrangement and make necessary remedies to make employees performance more effective.

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