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Different types of learners: How to cater them?

By: Mary Ann A. Pacheco

            Everyday as we facilitate the learning process we are dealing with different types of learners with different learning styles. Some learners are good at looking at some pictures, these are the visual learners. Some learners are good at listening, these are the auditory learners. And some need to manipulate a certain thing to be able to understand the lesson, and these are tactile or kinesthetic learners. As a learning facilitator how will you cater them?

            Speaking and listening are the main ways that auditory learners process information. These learners prefer to hear instructions and, occasionally, verbally repeat them in order to completely understand certain nuances. During class discussions make sure that your learners can hear you clearly. You can also integrate music and song in subjects like Math, Science and History. They can easily memorize lyrics of a song by singing it repeatedly. You can also record lectures and lessons for your auditory learners.

            Visual learners find it easier to absorb information by looking at it than by listening to it. They have rich imaginations, think in terms of pictures and details. Taking notes is the best method for supporting the visual learner in the classroom. Encourage them to put everything they need to remember in writing. The pupils will gain immensely even though the teacher may have to repeat a lot of stuff. Providing them Instructional videos that will catch their attention.

            Tactile or Kinesthetic learners are the “doers”. They can spend all day reading or listening to knowledge, but they prefer first-hand experience with real-world applications so that it will really stick and understand more. The best way to cater them is to provide hands-on activity that they will truly engage and catch their attention.

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