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Differentiated Instructions for Learners with Different Learning needs

By: Mary Ann A. Pacheco

Based on the summary of IPCRF for teachers,  training for innovations and objectives under KRA 2 the use of different teaching strategies that respond to the needs of our learners are the most urgent and common developmental needs of teachers.

Especially now that we are having our distance learning, we should consider the interest, needs, ability and readiness of our learners in providing them with a variety of learning experiences to meet their needs. In a limited time of meeting them in class we should plan and execute lessons suited for their learning needs.

Differentiated Instruction is used to meet the diverse needs of our learners. Why Differentiate Instruction? There are several reasons Differentiated Instruction should be used. According to research, different learning modalities help people learn affirmations more effectively. Through this, it allows us to cater different learning styles. Learners differ on Performance and Readiness. Learners’ engagement in different learning materials may vary. Not all learners will learn the same material within the same period of time.

There are ways to differentiate instruction. First is to differentiate Content. The content can be varied based on the student’s interests. Some learners learn functions and some learn basics. Classify the learners on Slow, Average and Fast. Second is to differentiate the process. It is what the teacher does and the materials she uses to get the students to reach the objectives. Differentiate the learning process through various learning styles. Group the learners based on their level of readiness. Third is to differentiate the products. It offers different types of assessment. Allows learners to create their own product. Group them together and let them produce. And the last is the learning environment. It is anything and anywhere they can learn. Providing a safe and positive environment for learning.

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