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Education in the midst of Pandemic

Written by: Lizette Ivy R. Calayag, Administrative Assistant III – Cupang Elementary School

The challenge of the pandemic crisis in Education is an opportunity for Educators to be move resilient in addressing our problems. There has been a lot of notion that our education does not give its best to our students. We see a lot of problems besetting our educational system. Let the problems be a challenge to all stakeholders in our schools. Let us view that education is still our hope for our future. Let us not concentrate on the problems. Let us visualize a brighter future for our youth. When we embraced the negative factors, a light beam for us to be innovative in order to contribute out time and effort in the education of our own country.

What significant contribution of our teachers today to education? They are the guiding posts to the youth in the country side. Lack of textbooks, modules, no internet yet teaching should go on in all kinds of modalities. The teacher’s tremendous responsibility to make everyday a teaching – learning atmosphere an act of sacrifice, competence, pride and dignity. This is a contribution to our nations progress.

In education, we harness pupils’ character, love for work and thirst for knowledge that eventually make them a citizen of economic stability. It is in our schools that great minds start dream big for their own future.  Our journey is never smooth but a glare of success in the future is getting near when you have achieved your education. We became asset to our community because we have knowledge and skill to be an independent individual. We are empowered individual and we developed of a new mind-set that is to be globally able and ready to survive. We can face the challenge at a competitive world. Truly education is our hope to make a nation great.

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