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Written by: Eduardo F. Molina, Teacher III – Cabog Cabog Elementary School

Educators are always regarded with awe and reverence in the society. But for them to perform their utmost best, they need to be empowered.

         Teachers may be empowered by means of giving them importance. Consider the teachers as the main key players in the school whose primary purpose is to provide quality instruction or teaching to the educational clientele. Then, whenever the due respect and importance are given to them consequently they became empowered.

         Teachers need to be recognized to be empowered. The school has to recognize and appreciate the altruistic efforts and services of teachers.  As the prime movers of the educational institution, teachers should be acknowledged with their accomplishments. Thus, I this way that they would feel empowered.

         Teachers being sent in trainings and are given with encouragement and support are empowered. Teachers need to be trained very well in order to be updated and be abreast with the latest trends in teaching. They should also be encouraged to acquire more seminars and be supported in their endeavors.  These are means of empowering teachers.

         Teachers who are motivated to seek for professional growth are empowered. The instructional leader in the school must stimulate and inspire teaching to reach greater heights in career through higher education.

         Teachers are empowered if they are given technical assistance. Whenever the school administrator or principal provides technical assistance to teachers and supports their teaching endeavors then the teachers are empowered.

         Teachers who are given more freedom to be creative and innovative are empowered. If the teachers are given the opportunities to excel in their creativity and innovation, this is building up their empowerment

         Teachers are empowered when the learners appreciate their altruistic efforts. The biggest and smallest things that teachers did for the educational clientele must be recognized and appreciated.  This is one way of empowering them.

         Teachers are empowered when they lead school activities and undertakings.  Having them exposed to various undertakings is helping them in increasing their empowerment.

         The teachers, being agents of change in the class should be empowered for them to work more efficiently and more effectively, for empowerment boosts their morale and confidence.

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