DepEd Balanga City

Gearing For a Better Future

By Benjamin Joseph Lomibao, Master Teacher I – Cataning Elementary School

            The pandemic COVID 19 had brought a devastating effect on the entire educational system across the globe, particularly in the Philippines. It had created a tremendous impact in terms of learning among students, safety and security of the school personnel, and implementation of school operations under crisis management. With this in mind, the educational system strategically created a plan which will adhere to what is necessary for every school to gear towards a better future.

            Furthermore, the past months of preparation for face-to-face classes required a detailed set of work from planning down to implementation. Each school specifically in the City Schools Division of Balanga is collaboratively working and exerting effort to ensure that the school personnel and school facilities are ready to abide by what is needed in preparation for the upcoming face-to-face classes.

Moreover, key indicators that need to be accomplished by top managers authorized in spearheading the activities and practices relevant to the preparation of face-to-face classes are given to guide every school organization and its stakeholders under the pandemic crisis.

            It is indeed that the future is bright despite the different issues and challenges brought by the pandemic crisis COVID 19. In relevance to the given statements above the Department of Education (2022) pointed out that The Department of Education (DepEd) has sought help from stakeholders to ensure that field offices and schools are equipped and ready to expand the limited face-to-face classes program. In addition, DepEd is taking steps to prepare for the expansion of face-to-face classes, such as determining which schools are ready for expansion and working with the Department of Health (DOH) on regular Alert Level updates, as places under Level 3 and Level 4 are not permitted to implement face-to-face classes.

            In conclusion, although gearing towards a better future in the educational system under the Republic of the Philippines requires so much effort and sacrifice. It provides a promising future for the future of the country which are the students that learning is inevitable regardless of the circumstances that it will continue and provide excellence among the Ph8ilippines learners with the right amount of effective planning and implementation of programs and activities set to uplift the Philippines education amidst the pandemic crisis OVID 19.

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