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Hall of Fame: Behind Every Recognition

By : Ms Aira Joy V. Quinto-Clerk-SDO Balanga City

The hallway in our office is like the Hall of Famers – vintage frames, ageless smiles, and timeless memories. There’s never a time that I won’t be mesmerized by their achievements and titles, but that’s only the surface level of what people used to think – success, recognition, and awards. Behind their precious smiles were heartaches and tears; behind every plaque were attempts and failures; behind triumphs were determination and hard work.

As I walk past the hallway or around buildings every day, I’m slowly learning that our superiors are also people. They’re halfway, sensitive, and vulnerable. Being the head of a department doesn’t make you immune to these feelings and emotions, but it’s how you handle them. Because of that, I always admire them for leading as an example to all of us.

Learning and growing are not bound within the four corners of a workplace nor hung in the hallway. I’m sure that their life and work experiences allowed me to keep on pushing and trying. They are a constant reminder that determination and consistency will pave the way to achieving my goals and aspirations. As a professional in this field, it’s essential to understand the greater meaning of our work and know more about our executives.

I’ve witnessed their journey of becoming who they are today – successful leaders and department heads. The road was never easy, and the process was a roller coaster ride. But quitting was never an option for them. Focused on the vision, taking one step at a time, and always trying. Their journey inspired me to do the same. It’s all about setting your perspective and redirecting your perception.

Since then, I’ve been looking forward to knowing them more. From the knowledge they possess to the wisdom they offer, it’s such an opportunity for growth and development in the workplace and as a professional. I carry these experiences every step of my journey and utilize my understanding of my superiors. Seeing their work, lifestyle, and principles enabled me to grasp the idea of responsibility, leadership, and success.

My everyday walk past the hallway will never be the same again – less inconsistency, more understanding. Through years of learning and growing, you’ll come a long way. We might feel that our superiors are way up high, but if we only just look, we can see them stretching out and offering a helping hand. It has always been like this. Knowing and being close to them made me realize that they are our companions in the industry.

The path to our office feels nothing like the Hall of Fame now – it’s fulfilling. The frames reminded us of the hardships, the trials, and the never-ending attempts. Our plaques and achievements stood tall. The symbol of leadership, communication, and close relationship. It all starts with knowing the people around you. Go beyond the surface, and you’ll see their values and experiences.

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