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Halloween: A controversial heresy?

Raffy Dela Cruz

“ Trick or Treat! “ the children would shout. Should Christians really celebrate the pagan rooted festival, Halloween?Trick-or-Treating, costume parties, playing pranks, and visiting haunted attractions are all parts of the festive celebration of Halloween or also known as “ All Hallows’ Evening” or “ Hallows’ eve.” Annually celebrated by many countries, Halloween dates back to the Irish people’s past pagan beliefs. People today would wear the scariest of costumes, a ghost, a witch, a skeleton, a monster; Technically speaking, the celebration itself focuses on the supernatural phenomenons and the beliefs of ghost, witches and the like, which leads to the great question on why do and why should, Christians celebrate Halloween? Since it practically shows some contradictions regarding the Christian tradition.

Dressing up is only part of the celebration itself because of the beliefs, that have survived until now, that wearing scary costumes are traditionally said to ward off evil spirits of the dead, meaning the festivities don’t include demonic worship, emphasized by many religious aspects or by some Christian related discussions, even though the religious perspective itself on the matter is diverse. According to many scholars, Halloween is influenced by Christian dogmas and beliefs. Halloween does not deny or contradict the rules of the Christian Church, as some parents would tend to worry about for their children are involved in the wildly popular occasion. Halloween is a great activity for everyone even though they have their own religious traditions. It is a fun and engaging activity free from negative attributes aside from the supernatural scare-offs by the youth. It reminds us of the dead, especially because it is celebrated on the day before the Christian celebration, All Saints’ Day, dutifully noted by many historians.

Halloween gives the opportunity for everyone to reminisce about when the dead were once alive; It gives one a lot of experience, may it be a meaningful memory or simply a scary experience. Solely depending on how people see and believe it.

Written by:

<strong>Raffy Dela Cruz</strong>
Raffy Dela Cruz

Teacher II, Bataan National High School – SHS

Date posted: October 12, 2020

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