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Hope in the Hands of a Teacher

By Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao, Master Teacher I – Cataning Elementary School

Over the years’ teachers had played various roles in the success of an individual, a family, and a community. It is defined that teachers are educators that help learners acquire the necessary knowledge to surpass life challenges and equip an individual through education to be able to him or achieve greater heights in life. With this in mind, it can be deemed that there is hope in the hands of a teacher.

The teachers’ primary role is to educate students and deliver quality instruction that helps them learn and become the best person that they can be. To achieve the main objectives of roles and responsibilities of a teacher. A teacher must ensure the following. A teacher must prepare a lesson plan that will serve his or her guide in the entire learning process. Along with the lesson plan is that a teacher must prepare effective lessons meant to educate learners that allow a student to improve from yesterday. Another responsibility of a teacher is to navigate the curriculum proactively. The curriculum on the other hand serves as the standard-based plan wherein teachers must follow. It leads a teacher to what direction they need to be. Aside from the given information, a teacher must manage classroom materials which include innovative materials that help teachers effectively and efficiently hasten learning among every student. Lastly, a teacher must collaboratively work with other staff for better planning and implementation of programs and activities centered on quality delivery learning among every student.

It is indeed that a teacher’s duties and responsibilities are full of sacrifices and efforts. Teaching is truly a highly sophisticated job that oftentimes extends beyond academic prerequisites. However, a teacher denotes hope for every student since they extend their hands to every learner as a second parent. Furthermore, a teacher can act as a counselor in which every council and advice that comes from a teacher are valued deeply by students and blooms as an important foundation of learning to a lot of learners across the globe. It can be clearly said that there is no limit to a teacher’s duties and responsibilities.

Equally important, a responsive teacher provides hope to learners which is an important ingredient for success and a bright future. A teacher advocates for change for a better life which extends even to the behavior and belief of every learner. Through this advocacy, the educational system produces productive citizens that are responsive to issues and challenges of the country and contributes to finding solutions to real-life problems, issues, and challenges.

Although life has full of challenges, people must never forget that there is hope. People must recognize the contributions of every single teacher that brought hope to every learner that there is a bright future and that education is one of the best antidotes against the fear of what life has for us. 

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