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How important is Personnel Management in an organization?

By: Mary Ann A. Pacheco

Personnel management plays an important role in an organization due to its function of recruiting and retaining employees that can improve or enhance an organization. An organization would be unable to efficiently attract and retain personnel, implement the rules effectively, and achieve the goals of the organization without human resource management. It is a significant part of the management concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization.

The story of Michelle Ree as Personnel Manager really inspires me, she is  a Chancellor of DC public schools who bravely takes the risks to improve the educational system of their City. Even though it led her to close the 23 incapable schools and fired 250 low performing teachers, she managed to achieve their goal and lifted the quality of the education. She believed that an effective workforce like having high performing and dedicated teachers would contribute a lot to their goals. In addition, she together with her team carefully planned and developed programs and training that were also significant to their goal. It is indeed that effective personnel management can make an organization successful on its mission, vision and goal.

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