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How to avoid “School Bullying”

Beverly Porlante

Couple of years ago, “Ateneo Bullying” is one of the most talked controversy circulated through social media. In this unwanted situation, school reputation is at stake since it was happened inside school premises. As an institution, every school is a second home of our children and considered a comfortable and safe place for them. This is where they can learn the importance of good manners and conduct that every individual must possessed within themselves. Schools play a vital role in children’s development in physical, mental, spiritual and psychological aspect.

                Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalanced which can be repeated or as the potential to be repeated. Some kids use physical strength, embarrassing information against classmates, or using their popularity to control or harm others. We teachers as their second parent need to face this issue and be vigilant regarding this serious matter. We need to be more observant and much possible we need to ensure that there is no bullying incident happening inside our classroom and school premises. With the bullying incidents that keeps on happening or might happen to our students we must be more vigilant to our student’s behavior. Bullying must be put into an end because both kids who are being bullied and the bully himself might have serious lasting problems.

                To protect our second children from Bullying, here are some tips that might be useful to my co-teachers to easily detect bullying and stop it immediately.

  1. Be observant in verbal bullying whether students are saying directly or writing it to mean things for their classmates. These includes teasing, name calling and threatening to cause harm.
  2. At early age, social bullying may happen in grade school students which may includes telling other children not to be friends with someone, embarrassing their classmates or spreading rumors.
  3. The third and most serious includes physical bullying. It involves hurting person’s body or possession. We teachers must act immediately in this situation. Hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, breaking someone’s things and rude hand gestures. We need to talk immediately both to the bully and to the child being bullied to avoid further harm.

Bullying can occur during and after school hours. Some may happen in the playground or school buses. That is why our cooperation and keen observation is very important to protect our student’s welfare.

Written by:

<strong>Beverly B. Porlante</strong>
Beverly B. Porlante

Teacher II, Bataan National High School – Senior High School

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