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How to become a Good Leader: A Reflection of a future leader

By: Mary Ann A. Pacheco

Are you one of the inspiring leaders? But what makes a good leader?

As a leader you should be full of dreams. You dream not only for yourself but for others as well. A visionary leader who will create a clear picture of what your organization or company will be for incoming years. You will state a clear vision through proper communication so that your plans for the organization succeed. Always include them in decision making and goal setting and also give emphasis on your mission for the organization.

Good leader is a positive thinker. Despite drastic changes happening in your environment which may cause negative impact  you should never give up easily. Take it slow and think clearly so you can decide correctly and make alternative plans. Focus more on strategic planning and innovation.

As a leader you should have the clarity of your instructions and have good communication with your people. You should always consider the welfare of your people not only on the success of the organization.

Knowing yourself will help you understand yourself better and how you can develop your leadership potential as a Leader or a Human Resource Manager.  Identify your leadership style then enhance your dominant leadership style. And who knows, one day you will be part of an organization that will create a great impact and change people’s lives.

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