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Written by: John Paul D. Galang, Teacher I – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

Ms. Vivian Greene, a British writer once said, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Since we are all in these trying times and facing the same storms, “one’s resilience” is being put into question or better yet into a test. Us in the DEPED FAMILY and its leaders are the best gauge how far each can go in battling this turbulence during this chaotic time of our lives.

          On the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, initially every one of us brought out within us our adrenaline to keep ourselves safe and contained, both at home and at work. Thus, pulling ourselves together in braving the tides to make things still work and definitely fueled by our fighting spirits amidst this dreadful scenario! True enough, we are all hanging for God’s grace and for HIS Divine Intervention. Yet still, in reality, most of us are fed up! Shattered with uncertainties! Tired or Bored! Confused! Hopeless! Helpless! And more.

 Here now comes the crucial role of SELF-RESILIENCY in the midst of the odds. Simple tasks? Not quite.

           If not because of my great desire to persevere and be a leader of my own self, for sure, I should have chosen to just give up the fight. The combination of my online and modular classes was truly a struggle for me, but this didn’t hinder me, instead, I:

  • First, focusing my goal on a long-range view helped me sustain my moves to address what is urgent — which is to learn the basics of computer thereby realizing the value of being knowledgeable on it will be of best help to me, and keeping the fire burning to continue exploring my buddy laptop, to better my teaching styles and be a 21st century teacher in my own right. In other words, acting decisively and intelligently to work under pressure indeed makes sense rather than doing nothing or crying over spilled milk.

  • Second, my serious and tiring struggles keep me going because of my passion to serve my learners more than I am asked for. These days are of a fusion of confusion and depression among learners and I, do heartily sympathize and empathize with them 

Thirdly, I, as their teacher-leader will continuously 100% energize them, boost their morale, lend a helping hand, show them the other side of the coin, laugh with them, have fun with them, counsel them if needed and listen intently with the quietest whispers of their hearts and minds to keep us both sane in these trying times.
 Open, good, healthy, happy communications generate energy to inspire others as well as I, to remain standing in this certain arena called life. Equating the gist of this article into the lives of the ants, binding themselves all together to a stronghold of each other to make things happen!

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