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Importance of Critical Thinking Skill

Written by: Alexander John C. Delos Reyes, Teacher I – M.Delos Reyes Memorial Elementary School

Now that election day is months away, it is opportune and highly sought that educators necessitate honing their pupils the critical thinking skill. 

            Critical thinking is the aptitude to think, decipher, and critique a problem or a concept logically in order to garner an unbiased viewpoint. Critical thinkers do not jump on bandwagon; instead, they establish their own researched judgments based on tangible evidence and reasoning. They thrive on their mental capacity critically and analytically. In a liberal education approach, where students are taught how to think vs what to think, harnessing a student’s critical thinking abilities is very fundamental.

            Moreover, critical thinking, as a component of ‘Life skills,’ “is about being a pupil who actively processes his thoughts rather than a passive recipient of knowledge. It demands the ability to think abstractly, explicitly, and reasonably. It encompasses the intellectual capacity about a dilemma or a concept, utilizes reasoning, and correlates systematically. Rather than swallowing assumptions at current valuations, critical thinkers rigorously scrutinize them.  They will always want to sort out if the views, justifications, and outcomes embody the whole scene, and they will be alerted to the idea that they really should not.

            In general, we utilize critical thinking abilities on a constant basis. These abilities aid us in formulating appropriate decisions, underscoring the ramifications of our actions, and problem resolution. These critical abilities are pivotal for everything from placing together puzzles to picking the optimal route to work. It is the step towards addressing issues and accomplishing targets by balancing attention and self-control. It involves the utility of other chief life skills such as creating links, analyzing things from a multitude of perspectives, and communicating. In a nutshell, critical thinking supports us in reaching sound judgments.

            As purveyors of learning, teachers must be entrusted to nurturing our young minds the aptitude for thinking profoundly about matters they will be confronted with in their affairs, employment, and society. More so, it is exceptionally pivotal for children to be armed with critical thinking, which will make them well-equipped in the nearing days. And this coming election is the best chance to stir and hone students to progress their thoughts critically.

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