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Written by: Remle Jaicon O. Sanchez, Administrative Assistant II – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

  A very essential factor to the success of an organization is an employees’ effective communication skills in the workplace; and this is equally true in a school environment.  This skill is an important factor in employees’ engagement, relationships and team building with other co workers 

         There are various benefits we can acquire in having good communication skills in the workplace. In times of employees’conflict , the workers must identify the communication pattern being applied by workers concerned. There must be adjustments in communication patterns for everyone. When giving information, be sure that it is clear and done in an easy way for every employee to understand, since good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at different levels of an organization.  In the outbreak of the pandemic, this has been particularly important. that forced many people to work from home. It is a proven fact that good communication is an important tool in achieving success in all levels of an school environment.

            It is a must that the school leaders must conduct an employees’   training in team building, to train the team members how to communicate, interact and collaborate with each other. By implementing different effective strategies in building effective teams will bring success to all employees. In return, will boost and improve morale and employee’s satisfaction               In addition, workers must be given a chance to be listened to, in this way , they can relate their ideas, opinions or even complaints. No  matter is the level of the staff, the ability to freely communicate with their peers, colleagues and superiors should be properly observed.

      In a similar way, the school management must encourage all employees to be creative and innovative without fear of insult or punishment. They must be convince to lay down their ideas or opinions on the table. Innovation relies heavily on the different creative ideas by the members of the organization.

      On the other hand, school managers must show strong management skills. When managers are strong communicators, they are good  managers of their teams. On the other hand, employees who communicate effectively with colleagues, school managers, parents, students and other

stakeholders are always valuable assets to an organization..

            When poor communication is existing in the workplace, definitely, this will lead to staffs who are less motivated.

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