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In Times of Adversity

Written by: Cherry Joy M. Enriquez, Administrative Assistant III – SDO Balanga City

When the global pandemic was declared in the first quarter of 2020, the word was out virtually saying that, “it is a time in human history that the world stood still.”

          There was a lull almost everywhere in the world. Life has come into a literal slow-motion, when the main activity of men snapped from its usual pace to give way to the so-called new normal. There was a traffic in human activity wherein priorities is constantly shifting from economic crash and environmental health.  The new normal has been contested by various quarters because it is thought that it is not about getting to normalcy as the main concern to deal with. A wider scope being covered is about the reality of the change that Covid-19 has brought to the lives of many on planet earth.

          While many of the global inhabitants are mesmerized with the turn out of events, a groups made up of  leaders reconnect to each other to find ways to resolve the priority needs of mankind to combat the invisible,  mindless but ruthless virus that is taking the lives of people who do not even know what hit them wrong. Proactive are the leaders who accepted the new challenge brought about by the pandemic. The lead question remains, “is the world ready for Covid-19?” Academically, by all means, it is a resounding ‘no’.

          The world is both fortunate and blessed to have the breed of men and women who have voluntarily presented themselves to stand up, fight, and try to win the fight for human race against the virus that is capable of mutating into a more complex variant that poses danger to the lives of many.

          Timely and highly appreciated is the rise of the extraordinary men and women of the world whose noble intention is to save lives and for the world to heal as one. They are the frontline leaders of our time. In the face of adversity we also look up to them as our present day heroes.

          These men and women are from different races that have set aside the differences of people in terms of race, color, culture and beliefs. They are type of leaders who have accepted that with unity in purpose servitude to others is of the highest degree. The more minds coming into agreement to win the battle is a much better position rather than just having to contend with fragmented ideas of because self-serving motives

          Good leadership have knows no age, but it can maintain order because it gives respect when it is due. It can transform weakness to strength. Its unifying virtue is the cause it represents with the brightest of hope that every good dream is for all to share with faith in oneself, faith in fellowman, and with faith in God nothing is impossible even in such a dark time for the world. In the heart of a true and good leader, hope resides.       

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