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Written by: Eduardo F. Molina, Teacher III – Cabog Cabog Elementary School

The pupils nowadays are not only going with the flow in terms of learning, just merely listening and following instructions. Instead, they are opted to have independent learning.

         Independent learning entails the following descriptions, to wit:

         Learning at your own.  This implies that independent learning is a kind of learning wherein a particular student does things at his or her own like in reading, writing, analyzing, solving problem independently.  By means of this way, the student employs initiative and self-confidence in attaining school activities.

         Doing things at your own pace. In independent learning, a student is given the opportunity to perform things at one’s pace.  This connotes that a student has the leniency and decision to utilize time in studying with his or her convenience for effective learning.

         Thinking independently.  This entails the idea that independent learning is using your mind for self-direction which leads the student to think logically using valid reasoning. Moreover, this is also considering the things which are acceptable and right.

         Using one’s intelligence in discovering things. Independent learning also suggests the use one’s intellect in discovering things.  Using your intelligence in reading books and looking for new or innovative ideas is part of independent learning.

         Working things self-sufficiently.  The idea of self-sufficiency is always associated to independent learning.  Being self-sufficient means you are independent, autonomous or self-reliant in doing your tasks as la learner.

         Personalizing your outputs. Whenever a learner is indulged in independent learning, then the outputs in the school must be personalized. This means that the he or she does things at his or her own style and preference.

Making choices. A student who works independently is someone who makes personal choices. This suggests that the student makes his or her own decision when it comes to the way of learning.

         Taking responsibility. In independent learning taking responsibility is a must. It is very important that a learner or student must embrace the task or responsibility given.

Independent learning is what the current situation calls for and every student or learner may consider it for their best benefits.

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