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By: Marjea C. Santillan/SDO Balanga City

In a world where everyone wants to be right, people are quick to believe everything they heard and everything that was on the internet.  As long as it will satisfy them, they will consider it as their “own truth”. They will fight for it against everyone who oppose to them no matter where their conversations may lead them. Oftentimes, these kinds of people result to negativity and the bashing of others.

Does it make you a better person? Do you think you are far better than anyone else because of your “own truth”?

Try asking yourself today…


If your answer is YES. Then you did a great job for being who you are. Be an inspiration to others and you should continue doing that for the rest of your life.

If your answer is NO, or even MAYBE. Then perhaps there are things that you need to re-evaluate in your life.

LIFE is far from being perfect so do you and LIFE never ask you to be perfect for you to be KIND. It doesn’t even cost much to do so.  

Whoever and wherever you are doesn’t give you the license to be a narcissist to others not unless you have been diagnosed of having an NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

Even your knowledge doesn’t define your character as person. You can be whoever and whatever you want without having to exchange your moral beliefs and values.

Our life is always a work in progress, wherein we must be careful enough in choosing which way to go, ways that will either make us or break us.

Everything that we do today will surely be the fruit of our labor tomorrow and having a good character is more than enough for you to become a person of value.

For example, if you think that you know better than anyone else, then you should be someone’s inspiration instead of being someone’s trauma. You are giving someone trauma, if you choose to laugh and gossip about their mistakes instead of helping them. Being better doesn’t mean being bitter. Your simple act of kindness can make a great impact to someone’s life who’s having a hard time. Your genuine smile can lighten up someone’s mood today. Just simply asking them how they are doing so far can make her feel valued. If you hear your friends/colleagues talking about someone and being the subject of their “gossip” ask them to change their topic. You’ll see that many people will actually thank you for doing that. Because you are not just tolerating the negative environment to consume your inner peace you are also helping them to stop being toxic to each other.

Remember, in a changing world where everything is uncertain, ALWAYS choose to be KIND.


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