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Know and Understand Your Potential as a Human Resource Manager/Leader

Written by: Nhemy C. Trinidad – Teacher III – Bataan National High School Junior High School

“Who am I as a person?” Simple question but takes me a lot of time to think about. In my point of view, no one can exactly describe himself without the others. What does it mean? We need the help of our family and friends. I am very fortunate to have a lot of people around me who know me as a person. They can describe the physical, emotional, and intellectual sides of me. I can simply tell my purpose in the outside world because of them. But, I admit, that it is a difficult task for me to describe my inner self to the outer world.

Becoming aware of my inner self is what the personal assessment test bears in me, being a visionary one. A visionary me, a person or a leader who brings a positive climate to a difficult situation. That is precisely what others see me as a person. The ability to motivate and inspires people are the strong points of a visionary leader. Thus, even in a VUCA environment, like this pandemic time, I am able to focus on my goals. Whatever it takes on my journey toward the top of the mountain, I have the confidence to reach for it.

However, I also need to think more about my weaknesses and embrace the challenges of improving them. Empowering others is my down point. A feeling of mild astonishment at the results of the MBTI personality test, I was able to reflect on it. Empowering others takes so much initiative and requires alignment between their aspirations and my own goals. I need to be assertive on this thing.

Nevertheless, the self–awareness activity made me realize one thing. Will I be an effective and efficient human resource manager/leader in the coming time? With confidence, my answer is a big YES! Knowing my strengths and weaknesses as a person, I will concentrate on reinforcing my positive qualities and improving my negative ones, or even eliminating the worst. To become a good HR manager/leader, I must possess more human relations skills and a sympathetic attitude, so that, my goals as a manager will also be the aspirations of my people to achieve the common vision of the organization.

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