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Leadership Amid the Pandemic

Written by: Cherry Joy M. Enriquez, Administrative Assistant III – SDO Balanga City

The true test of a leader comes when leadership character is being challenged by uncertainty. There may be a number of ways to test the leadership quality of an individual but it would appear more real when the challenges happen during the trying times like in a pandemic.

          A steadfast leader is neither a description of a trait nor it is a tag that connotes an ideal pedestal of authority where a person is usually being looked up to as a model. Far from it, a true leader is one whose character is not swayed by external influences.  More so, inherent to a leader is an attitude that does not easily swerve from right to left in order to please a majority.

          We cannot deny the fact that the harsh reality of the pandemic that all of us is experiencing at present has brought to us to a wide spectrum of uncertainties. While we must understand that it is in the face of uncertainties where real leaders thrive, grow, and develop new leaders in the process.

          Leaders are many but there are few who are true in its essence and substance. They are those who do not have a price tag on their heads. The few real ones are distinguished when honesty is at stake. When a person is honest, he is closest to the truth. When truth is within a person, he is always the qualified to prove the right things from what is wrong.      

          What separates a good leader from the rest then? It is having the vision on how things will work and how things to matter in the long run. The cutting edge in being a visionary is in possessing a perspective that brings to mind what others are not seeing amidst the dark cloud of doubts. It is important to note since it is the superficial that is commonly in the sight of many.

          Aside from having the vision, a good leader is also a catalyst of change for others. It is a quality in the character of a leader to inspire those around him. In establishing such a focal point of strength, a leader and his followers rally together behind the realization of their objectives and goals. When it is clear to everybody from bottom to the top of the workforce as to why they take taken the determined plunge to their well-planned course of action, any task will be easy and light in carrying on.

          Finally, the leadership quality that will thrive well through given the pandemic are with the leaders who will not hesitate to take the full responsibility of their action with the accountability that goes with it.    

          More than the oaths and pledges, the caliber of good leaders are evident in their willingness to share their achievements to all those who served for the purpose, for a leader in the real sense of the word is a servant to all.

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