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Written by: Edryll R. Contreras, Teacher IIII – BNHS JHS

Schools are said to be a micro society for its elements and systems represent the actual, bigger society. So, because schools prepare us for the bigger world, the teachings and principles taught in schools are what we will bring when we are ready to get out in the world. This makes leadership a crucial part of education and the school community. Leadership in the real world is very significant. It dictates who gets what, or how much one gets with the resources given to us by the Almighty. It plays an important role in designing how the world will work. For example, in the Philippines, our leaders decide where our taxes go—will we be given good healthcare? education? other social services? However, if leaders are corrupt, we do not get anything at all. If the guiding values and principles of leaders are not good, their constituents suffer. Principles and values are important when making decisions in the big world.

As students, they are expected to learn good principles and values where they learn everything else that they know—in school. In 1990, Nelson Mandela said that ‘the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” This is a simple and famous quote that underpins the importance of leadership within a school community. The school is the learning ground, and the place where the futures of students are honed. The lessons that are imparted to them are what they will take with them when they grow and take bigger responsibilities. With proper mentorship and good practice, the youth can become the better versions of the leaders of our generation’s successors. Good principles and values result in good leadership, and eventually, good governance.

The youth who are the students that have many opportunities to grab have the most potential. They have the time and openness to learn the mechanisms of the world. When they are trained and mentored rightfully to become leaders, they could create the change that would make the world a better place. Empowering the young minds with rightfulness, true meaning of care and compassion to others will give them the best lesson to use as they claim their future spot in any institution they may join.

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