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By :  Dece Lee M. Mena – Teacher II-CONHS SHS

          The educational system of the Philippines has produced a great number of top-notch professionals within various fields of specialization. The vast number of these talented and skilled learned men and women are contributors to the progress not only in the Philippines but to the world as well.

A closer look at history will tell us that the lineage of the country’s great men and women is a heritage given down to the present generation of Filipinos. Among the trait that remains outstanding is good leadership.

In our educational system, leadership is also given prime importance in learning. Therefore, it is clear that leaders are not born but made. It takes a person’s time, discipline, and learning to be a good leader. Though, there is not a specific time for learned leaders to wait nor tarry when the call to stand as a leader is necessary. A good leader will act as one when the calling to answer a need comes. But in all aspects of leadership, the first important virtue to learn is servanthood. Without it, a leader will be incomplete and less than learning to be a good follower first that leader will be self-serving.

 Education leadership is bound by bearing the qualities needed to be a good leader. It is not enough to possess the mark of academic excellence alone rather it is needed to nurture a heart that is ready to serve a purpose-driven path for the benefit of others.

A good leader stands out when he or she possesses the vision for the organization to pursue its mission. The will to lead carries with it the acceptance of vulnerability.  It is also in understanding that all are susceptible to making mistakes. Being vulnerable is being open to the necessities of becoming a good leader. Leadership is shaped by being mindful of the needs of his or her subordinates as well as the community being served where listening becomes an important virtue to promote. It is also a must that a leader knows that respect can only be earned and not a privilege in becoming one.

In addition, unwavering leadership will not easily be affected by pressures, instead, good leaders find ways to turn the challenges into opportunities in producing better results. Most of all, good leaders can only stand on the ground of humility in orchestrating thoughts, words, and actions by example.

Benjamin Franklin once said that honesty is the best policy. Until today, good leaders believe in and do it. Apart from being honest come all forms of deceit, corruption, lies, greed for power, and abuse of authority. In short, leaders are to be the paragon of honesty and integrity.

          When all these things fall into their proper place as learned and painstakingly gained, education leadership will be the epitome of learning and wisdom.

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