DepEd Balanga City

Leadership Styles

By: Ana Maria I. Garcia, Principal I – Bo. Central Elementary School

    Just recently I attended the convention for the school heads. I listened intently to the leadership styles being shared by Dr. Diosdado M. San Antonio.
    As I reflected on our recent training in Iloilo, I could sense a piece of myself in the sharing I heard from the speakers. Certainly, we have had similar experiences in our workplaces and our personality is also almost similar. Most of us are hands-on leaders and we value integrity, and equality in exercising our authority. 
  We seemed to hate amputated souls. We want to traverse a path with genuine and practical principles that will lead to character-building among our subordinates. We value excellence but we embrace imperfections. We try to complement the skills of our subordinates. We collaborate. We journey with them.
Leaders can be servant, frontline, transformational, metamodern, postmodern, and contrarian depending on how they manage your people and how you handle certain problems. Whatever kind of leader, we may be. The most important one is we become the leader that we also want to have and we become the solution and not the problem among our subordinates. We have to radiate optimism and great faith. Every problem is an opportunity to connect with others. We have to be a catalyst for positive change especially now that most of our learners are in dire need of their basic necessities. 

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