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By Eduardo F. Molina, Teacher III – Cabog-Cabog Integrated School

Everything wonderfully starts with a simple dream.  Surely, the best way to reach one’s aspiration in life is through education.  Though it may sound passé the truth is evident.

Education provides learners with basic knowledge and skills. At the beginning of the journey of every learner, he or she is taught the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Setting the foundation for life is possible through education. Indeed, a learner starts to open interest in the world of discovery.

Education makes the learners meet and practice competencies. Education gives the learners bountiful knowledge and sufficient skills and these are comprised of the competencies that they need to study, learn and practice. Through these competencies, the learners may stand and become confident in facing challenges in school.

Education exposes the learners to worthwhile activities. Through the teachers, the learners are indulged in different educational undertakings that enrich their learning experiences and keep them well-acquainted with varied events and happenings which are relevant to learning. Through these, they are able to grow and gain more experience.

Education helps us to deal with different challenges. It is not only the things in school that learners must deal with. Dealing with real-life situations is also learned in school. Teaching learners to cope in life is one great thing that education provides.  This makes the learners stand tall and able to leap high in existence.

Education trains learners to deal with people. In school, we are also being taught and trained with great values that we need to apply in life.  This is the reason why learners are able to deal with people with graciousness and respect.  The learners who pay respect and reverence to fellow people may consider themselves great due to what education taught them.

Education makes the learners aware of the world. We learn a lot in school, considering the world as the place where we live.  Learners are taught about the different aspects of the world from the physical to all the information about it. Learning about the world suggests a sign of a learner’s progress.

Education keeps the learners updated with events and issues. There are numerous things to learn from current events to scientific breakthroughs.  These are all being emphasized in schools.  Being well-informed of the latest happenings and trends is such a great accomplishment.

Every child deserves to be educated. Each individual must develop, grow and progress.  People are able to leap and be successful through the power of education.

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