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Kathleen E. Yandan, Teacher I – Cupang Elementary School

There are many factors to consider before learning is deemed effective. One of the most major factors is the environment of the students when they study. It has to be safe from hazards, free from distractions and engaging for the learners. That is why, it is crucial that the facilities and materials have been prepared beforehand.

Studies show that students perform better on positive environment. For instance, the retention on their review regimen at home depends on the type of home they have. Some other studies say that a healthy home with appropriate mental and moral support helps the children to be productive students. However, a majority of those who live in slums have a lesser productivity because of the negative effects of their negative surroundings.

On the other hand, it is inevitable that some of the students who are enrolled in public schools live in this type of home. Therefore, the schools must be healthy enough to cater the needs of all students especially the ones who are incapable of reviewing at their own houses.

In fact, before the school year starts, the department intensifies the annual preparation of school grounds. The annual implementation of Brigada Eskwela aims to ensure that the learning environment is healthy enough to serve its purpose. This program includes everyone who is involved in the learning process: teachers, staffs, parents, and students; even some of the community’s professionals become public servants. From dusting the armchairs to painting the massive school walls, everyone works hand-in-hand in the will to erase the traces of vacation. This proves that a healthy environment is so crucial that no matter how taxing it is to many people, it is being pushed through despite of the circumstances.

 Today, that program is being replaced with other types of preparation. Due to global health hazards, new learning modalities were implemented that’s why the teachers and the parents are busy on preparing for the new modalities for the upcoming school year. Without an organized program to ensure the health of the students’ learning environment, it’ll be hard for many. Therefore, despite of the new preparations for the new normal, parents must still be reminded to allot enough space for students to conveniently work on at the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, to ensure that distractions can be diminished, public schools can coordinate to their local barangays to implement restrictions to prevent too much distractions like prohibiting the use of karaoke and loud speakers for a certain time of the day.

Things will be different now there is no one to govern the preparations but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve the situation. We must cooperate with one another and provide a healthy environment for students to learn.

There are many factors to consider before learning is deemed effective. Also, there are many people who can help to meet those factors and make learning effective.

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