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Life and Continuous Learning

Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao

Learning is a salient part in a person’s life. In addition, it is a foundation for success and indicator for continuous growth necessary to surpass life challenges. It is a process that is imperative for knowledge to be created and utilized. In high school, strong emphasis for Life Long Learning is one of the utmost concerns of K to 12 curriculum since high school is a stairway to a more meaningful yet complicated life.

            As a matter of fact, in the City of Balanga, a House Bills No. 208 was created to support continuous learning. The Act is known as “The Life Long Learning Act of 2019”. The act states that the State’s aim is to create an world free from poverty , hunger, violence and war to ensure equality, prosperity and a safe environment for everyone. To this end, the State shall promote Life Long Learning as a tool for a more sustainable and secure nation by prescribing basic standards regarding the duties of state and local government units to promote lifelong learning.

            Furthermore, it is indeed a great step forward to embrace the hopes of Lifelong Learning. For this reason, Ates and Alsal (2016), they noted that continuous learning in life is a life-wide, voluntary and self-motivated acquisition of knowledge not just for personal but also for professional reasons. It enhance social inclusion, active citizenship and individual growth, it also enhances productivity and employability. Correspondingly, the importance of Lifelong Learning has been increasing.

            Consequently, since Lifelong Learning is indispensable. The K to 12 Curriculum for Senior High School greatly benefits from lifelong learning. According to Wadle (2015), in education the idea of lifelong learning is quite a bit. He added that learning in the school environment isn’t limited. Learning should continue beyond even the highest level of education. He stressed that there are mental habits associated with learning, and that students would become lifelong learners if people can develop such habits or dispositions in K-12 pupils.

            Relative to this, in the City Schools Division of Balanga, greater steps was utilized by the Department of Education to promote Lifelong Learning among the high school students. Moreover, different activities, programs and strategic planning were exhibited to ensure that nothing will hinder the success of Lifelong learning among the learners of the Division of Balanga. However, little have been known about the extent, depth, perception and actions taken for Lifelong Learning particularly in high school.

            As a Professional Teacher. Lifelong Learning is useless unless certain actions necessary to promote continuous learning is taken. Seemingly, Life Long learning is an avenue of change for the better in increasing the knowledge of the people on how it plays a vital role, as well as creating dreams to come true, bringing out the best among the high school students and learners of Division of Balanga City.

Written by:

Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao
Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao

Teacher, City of Balanga National High School – Junior High School

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