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Life is not a Race

by John Louise R. Olmo

Life is so unpredictable. We really do not know what will happen on the next chapter of our lives. The pages of our life is unique and different with everybody. Contrary to a race game, we do not need to beat or surpass others just to be the champion of our own lives. That is not the measure of life’s success.

In an obstacle course race, the runner should pass all the obstacle along the lane on his way to reach the goal which is the finish line. He should strive more to beat all his opponents and reach the finish line as fast as he could to be the winner of the race. All runners have the same target, with their own tactics and strengths, they should perform well in order to get to the finish line first.

With life, we can also face obstacles or challenges to attain the goal. To achieve more, we strive harder. Along the way, we may experience struggles and hindrances that will try to stop us in pursuing that goal. If we surrender early on, we may accept that we cannot be victorious in life, that’s it. Game over to us. We will be contented of what we are and what we have right now. 

More so, we may also notice from some people we know, that they may achieve their triumphs earlier compared with others. For an instance, that someone already acquired the highest position in an institution at a very young age. He already attained a prestige position among the age group he belongs to. Some employees reached their dream positions for just a few years while others waited long just to get there.

From the view of one businessman to another businessman, one also compared the success of his business or company to the status of the others. Some businesses prosper in its early age, maybe in just a year or two years’ time. Others waited for the next five or ten years to achieve the success of their own while few may have been waiting for almost a lifetime.

For an artist or a celebrity, he may reach the stardom early in his/her career. As some waited for so many years just to receive the biggest break, biggest role he could imagine for. They may be a superstar in different times of their career.

With that, I think, we should realize that success comes in different times. Each one of us has a different timeline. The story of our life is not the same with the others. 

Indeed, life is not a race. Success is not a competition. It is not a requirement that we have to achieve things fast. Of course, we should do our best to attain success. But don’t expect success to come all at the same time for everyone.

Thus, as an advice, enjoy the ride of your life. I really believe that God has a best plan for all of us. We should all be grateful to God for all the blessings and opportunities that He always showers to us: big and small. For what we have at this point in time, we all owe it to Him. For sure, we can all be successful in life, in our own rights. But God only knows the right and perfect time for it. Just believe in Him.

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