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Make Your Passion in Teaching Blazing

Written by: Romerson B. Ponseca, Teacher I – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

Everybody knows that teachers play an indispensable role in building a society. In fact, teaching is considered a noble profession. Educators nurture young minds. They bring a great impact. However, like other fields, teaching staff may go astray and lose their track. In such cases, enablers will put them back on their path; they fuel one’s passion in teaching.

The primary enablers I have determined for myself that help me a lot in this vocation are (1) family, (2) students, and lastly (3) feedback. These three support me to strive in this field amidst the obstacles I face. Let me elaborate on how each enabler helps me in my domain.

First, there’s the role of the family as an enabler. I am a family-oriented person who always considers whether the action I am about to take would benefit them. They have been extremely supportive throughout my entire life and profession. That being said, my family has made a significant contribution to where I am now. Today, they serve as an inspiration that enables me to seek greatness.

My students, the next enabler, also allow me to be motivated. Teachers’ hearts are warmed when they see their pupils succeed, and I am no exception. It’s because we were an integral part of that triumph. We were a part of the team that laid the groundwork for success. These things fulfill our hearts because we want them to have a better future. In this regard I consistently go above and beyond my duties to assist my learners. Everything that I do is for them, for their welfare.

Finally, feedback enables me to expand my knowledge and improve my performance. The majority of people are terrified of receiving comments since it undermines their self-esteem. But not for me; every piece of feedback I receive serves as a tool to help me become a better teacher. Positive feedback inspires me to keep up the good work, while not-favorable one serves as an opportunity to improve myself.

Meanwhile, there are times that I contemplate on how I would like to be regarded as an exceptional teacher after years of academic service. It is like beholding my future self which also help to fire up my passion in teaching. After giving it some thought, I realized that I would like to be remembered as a passionate, empathetic, and an excellent educator. I’d also want to be looked back on as a motivator in the future.

Passionate. I consider teaching as a vocation, not simply a job, and I aspire to be a teacher who, amid the stress and obligations, still manages to perform efficiently and effectively. Likewise, a passionate person has an abundance of energy and is characterized as resilient, self-driven, and open-minded. All those traits are important to the said sector. Let your students see you cheerfully working hard and doing everything just to ensure that they learn so that when they grow up, they will remember you as a dedicated teacher and be inspired to follow in your footsteps in their chosen career.

Empathetic. “He was an empathetic teacher.” This sentence is simple but it has a significant influence on me. To be remembered as empathetic means that you have properly understood their feelings and perspectives.  It indicates that you have successfully put yourself in your learners’ shoes. Is it important? Yes, since it guides me to take appropriate actions in response to my students’ concerns and to take everything into account.

Excellent. “Magaling siyang magturo,” I usually hear this from elders before, and as a teacher, I want to be recognized in the same way. I would be glad if my students will recall me as an outstanding teacher because it means that I am an effective educator, that I was able to teach them well. This would motivate me to keep producing excellent work.

Motivator. In the profession that we have chosen, we will encounter students who are struggling on a regular basis, thus a skill to efficiently motivate them must be acquired. We should encourage them to continue, persevere, and attain whatever goal they have for themselves. A teacher who is a passionate motivator at the same time makes his learners enthusiastic while performing tasks or doing something.

          The qualities described above are what I want to be renowned for as a teacher. But, I must take action in order to achieve that vision. The following are the three acts I would take:

The first is to broaden my horizons. If I want to be a great teacher, I need to expand my knowledge and enhance what I currently know, which I can do by studying, reading, conducting research, attending seminars, collaborating, and engaging with more experienced people. I will use the knowledge I will gain to develop strategies in response to my students’ needs.

The second is to improve the interpersonal relationship. To be a passionate and empathetic teacher, I need to find ways to get to know and understand my learners. Therefore, I should be able to communicate with them well, which I may do by actively talking and listening to them. Respect is also favorable, and I should interact with them more frequently.

Lastly is sharing of experiences. I feel that in order to impel others, I should share my experiences or stories of other personalities. These life stories may inspire them. It could help them to believe in themselves that would head them towards excellence and tenacity.

Those three actions I enumerated would assist me in achieving the future self that I had envisioned, which would refine me to become a better teacher.

It is not easy to be a part of this noble profession. Along the process, there would be several setbacks and failures. No matter how thoroughly we structured our plans and goals, there would always be an unforeseen turn of events.

However, rather than turning those setbacks and failures into frustrations that drag you down, look at them differently. Be optimistic and have a positive mindset. See them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Bear in mind that hindrances are normal in the field of teaching, but once the passion kicks in, everything will fall into place.

Passion is an intrinsic personality that a teacher must possess. And with the help of enablers, visions and actions, the passion for teaching will be kept alive, for a lifetime.

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