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Written by: Ann Mikhaela T. Gatdula, Administrative Assistant III-SDO Balanga City

The year 2020 has left a great scar in the lives of many Filipinos throughout the country and the people worldwide. Many walks of life were tremendously affected by economic crisis, social crisis, education crisis, health crisis. But for the time being, all safety precautions and instructions are being disseminated and followed just to ensure our well-being.

            SDO Balanga City has adopted the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan mandated by the Central Office to make sure that education does not stop for our learners and to make sure the public schools will be aptly provided, actions were undertaken by the Division particularly on the management of resources. The Supply unit under the Administrative Section is tasked to manage the distribution of needed supplies in each school and in each functional unit of the SDO. The unit is responsible for the process of allocation and distribution of the supplies accordingly.

            Currently, most of the supplies are the much-needed PPEs and the equipment and gadget needed by employees, teaching and non-teaching personnel and even the learners. Provisions came because of MOOE, SEF and other appropriations from the Department and other government agencies. But what is touching are the supplies coming from donors, whether non-government organizations or private individuals. These donors were not obliged to contribute but their love and generosity made them. Considering that in one way or the other these people are also affected by the pandemic. Isn’t it that genuine concern and true generosity come from people who have scarce resources and yet never have the second thoughts of sharing? For people who have more than what they need, but having second thoughts of sharing or worrying for some reasons, isn’t this ironic?

            Bayanihan as the government termed its project on reaching out to people is a noble move. The means are there but it’s the process of delivering to the target recipients that involved key persons in its distribution. As members of the Supply unit, we felt satisfaction when the needed support in terms of materials were distributed to schools and personnel, especially to the learners. On the other hand, we felt sad if there are essential materials or support which they still need but then the amount and availability of supplies could not accommodate all their needs. We still need people who will never have second thoughts of sharing what they have in these times.

            Of genuine love and concern, support, whether material or non-material, is not far behind.

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