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On Being Creative

Written by: Alexander John C. Delos Reyes, Teacher I – M.Delos Reyes Memorial Elementary School

In this era of digital affluence and information age, educators must provide pupils with necessary skills that serve as scaffolds for them to catch up with the fast-paced nature of today’s modern marketplaces. The 21st Century skills are a compilation of capabilities that today’s learners will need to thrive in their employment in the Internet age.

            For one, creativity belongs to Learning Skills (the four C’s) that refines pupils about the mental processes devised to respond and progress in today’s workplace. Processing thoughts out of mainstream is a solid inkling of creativity. As a course of reworking, it is tremendously pivotal. This ability permits pupils to interpret topics in novel ways, resulting in innovation. Creativity is exemplified by the prowess to stimulate fresh, wide-ranging, and realistic ideas.

            While creativity is orthodoxly underscored as a have-it-or-don’t characteristic, individuals may be sharpened to be creative by addressing problems, developing systems, or just exploring something novel. It implies that learners are expected to assess a situation from a range of viewpoints, including several that others may omit. One of our pupils may concoct an astonishing or intriguing workable solution. The next student may be fueled to do something identical if they share it.

            The goal of creativity is to stimulate pupils to think in case of deviations from what is anticipated of them. There are myriads of reasons why kids’ creativity should be solidified. It elevates well-being and happiness through stirring innovation and prosperity, solving “VUCA” difficulties, tipping the scales toward accomplishment, enhancing employee involvement, transforming us to become you “future-proof.”

            To sum up, creativity is still one of those qualities that humans appear to excel at over robots. It is what distinguishes us as human beings. Being able to be creative at work is undoubtedly more gratifying, hinting that it may be favorable to our mental health and well-being.

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