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Writtten by: Ronnel D. Sanchez, Teacher I – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

Giving rewards and recognition to volunteers are viewed as simple and typical strategies and practices employed by the school administrators to encourage and nurture stakeholders’ participation and volunteerism in school programs and advocacies. At first giving rewards is only intended to increase parents and volunteers’ attendance and participation in school-based tasks and events. However, throughout the years reward approach becomes an established system to foster profound volunteerism among school partners and as a way to recognize stakeholders’ benevolence and contributions to the attainment of school advocacies. Most school administrators utilize recognition of stakeholders’ support services as a positive reinforcement to societal partnership and volunteerism to school programs. Giving rewards and recognition to active volunteers are highly adopted by the principals as these are viewed as opportunities to appreciate the support services extended by the community to school programs.

There is also a need to send communication letters to volunteers, parents and school partners for upcoming activities. However, school administrators at present mostly prefer to conduct general assembly prior to conduct of programs with school-community linkages instead of sending communication letters manually to the volunteers. Although many school administrators are resorting to the use of communication letters for formality, but still most of them prefer to a more massive and comprehensive way of encouraging participation and volunteerism among stakeholders in school advocacies such as through assembly or school-based conferences. Moreover, the most important way to foster volunteerism among stakeholders is to orient and educate them about the clear, specific, transparent and rational objectives and advocacies behind the conduct of every school program and milestone.

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