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Written by: Eleonor G. Sioson, Principal I – Bani Elementary School

Work-life balance has been a long-time issue to adults even before the pandemic. People have been struggling to weigh their priorities. Most of us need to choose between toiling daily to provide for our family’s needs or sparing more time building a healthy and robust relationship with them. Nowadays, it became difficult to balance work and life ever since COVID-19 knocked on our doors. These kinds of adversities constantly tear our life choices.

In light of the recent events, the national government recommended that most workers do their jobs at home to prevent the virus from spreading. With this work-from-home setup, people had the chance to have a flexible schedule. However, this current arrangement produces new issues – like immediate phone calls in the middle of the night or attending meetings while doing household chores. Some people find this more stressful and exhausting to the point that it is not healthy anymore.

As an educator, I also found myself drained from working all day. To prevent burnout from this new normal, I listed some things to do while working from home:

1.       Set daily goals.

Know what tasks can you achieve for the day. Setting realistic and attainable goals will prevent you from procrastinating. You can also ask members of your family to help you with the other errands. Take breaks in between your schedule to avoid exhaustion.

2.       Avoid exceeding your working time.

Do not succumb to overworking. Set a time where you can only answer messages and call. Prevent from responding to work emails and calls in the middle of the night unless necessary.

3.       Relax after work hours.

After a long and weary day, find a way to ease yourself. Divulge into tranquility by doing your hobbies, listening to music, cooking foods, etc. Rewarding yourself with relaxation after a hard day of work will spare you from agony.

4.       Communicate with your friends and loved ones.

To keep your sanity, connect with your friends and family. Communication is an essential part of our well-being. Maintaining a relationship with them will be a big help, for they will be our fortress and solace in times like this.

All in all, we should never forget that work-life balance is a must. It maintains our physical and mental health, which can make us productive citizens. It can also give us the daily motivation we need to seize the day. Let us not allow COVID-19 to devour our well-being. Let us remind ourselves that these endeavors hone our resiliency and expand our wisdom.

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