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Passion for Learning

Written by: Carmina Y de Joseph, Teacher II – BNHS JHS

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”.

– Anthony J.D’ Angelo

          Education is indeed a life-long process and it has been an essential part of our existence. Nowadays, just having a baccalaureate degree and a decent job won’t satisfy this challenging and fast-paced generation. We need to cope with the latest updates and embrace the changes that keep on happening in our society.

Recently, a lot of media platforms provide numerous advertisements about different trainings, short courses, seminars, and workshops that we can choose from. Some providers offer it for free, others don’t. In our current situation when almost all people are usually online, this gives us opportunities to take part in these virtual conferences. Of course, it is our decision if we are going to enroll and be engaged in these activities. After all, these are for our own benefits may it be personal or professional development.

Most of us want to do more with our lives but we sometimes feel that we do not have the time. I think all these learning opportunities are the perfect ways to start improving ourselves. In fact, there is nothing wrong about learning new knowledge and improving our skills as long as it can help us grow and make us feel better.

Truly, these help us improve our chances of satisfying ourselves. It is true that if we want to become successful, we should allow ourselves to continue to seek for different means of learning and look at the bigger picture of it. Moreover, passion for learning can lead us to many opportunities that life has to offer to us personally and professionally.

If one wants to better himself, he must always have that thirst and hunger for learning.

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