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Philippine Education System

Guevarra, Liezl V., Teacher IICupang Elementary School

As the Philippine educational system goes through a lot of changes and advancements, Filipinos especially parents and students involved in such changes were utterly bewildered.  Since we all know how hard it is to save money for a child’s education, adding up a few more years to their schooling would probably cause parents to question how this new education system would guide and ensure their child’s future career.

K -12 education system has been a hot topic over the past few years, it is said to be helpful as it enhances the student’s skills and competencies as they prepare for college and employment. Compared to the previous curriculum, K-12 offers diverse options for students as they extend modern specializations which can help them choose their future careers. Furthermore, this follows a global standard which is a first in an Asian country. Students who finished a 12-year basic education can now be acknowledged globally as they are now internationally accredited. With the new educational system, students are more on the advantageous side since they can choose a strand that can potentially develop their skills as they are readying to enter the workforce. Practical applications or immersions which are added to the new curriculum could also help by exposing them to actual experiences in their chosen strand.

Even though oppositions arise, proper information dissemination would greatly help in letting people understand the advantages of having the K-12 system. The implementation of the new educational system would positively affect future learners and students as they are now being molded to become globally competent.

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