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by: Brenda M. Gaddi, Principal II – Tuyo Elementary School

Recovery is hard and painful. To recover means you are wounded, in pain, and not in a perfect condition as you were before. However, with the care, help, and support of the right people, recovery is lighter and faster.

            Pandemic has created a big wound on school operations. It affected the students, parents, faculty, staff, and everyone else. It injured the continuity of learning and the classroom teaching cycle. It disabled and impeded the school operations. It became a great threat to the health of everyone.

            Education is vital and schools are the cradle of knowledge that hones the mind. Schools will remain serving their students as long as support is well given. Support is more than anything material, it is an abstract entity that anyone could feel deeply. It roots from the heart and connects to another. Here is how powerful support is to impose speedy recovery.

            First, the participation and untiring support of stakeholders is a great source of love and hope. It is in this challenging moment that real heroes reveal themselves. Aside from the Department of Education’s guidance, stakeholders are other people who care for the school to operate again. The consistent participation in school activities, the generously given donations, and the immeasurable help are powerful antidotes against hopelessness.

            Also, knowing that there are supportive of the school projects, programs, and operations, boosts the school officials’ morale to keep working towards the school’s progress. When the morale is high, the motivation is greater.

            It is undeniable that during the pandemic surge, students are at home, while school officials are in a skeletal workforce. The school aura is quite sad that it seems to be longing for children’s laughter and voices. The ambiance will feel like it begs for you to be sad too. However, according to studies, sadness is associated with different several health problems we all want to avoid. Government units and stakeholders are generous to provide supplies for the school staff to prevent getting viral infections such as gallons of alcohol, face masks, hand sanitizers, face shields, thermal scanners, and many more.

            The concern for the school personnel is the transcendence of love for the school. Support for health-related matters is medicine towards speedy recovery of the school. The continuous reporting of school personnel, without getting infected because of the health supplies provided by the stakeholders, can speed up the school’s operation.

            Lastly, perceived care and support give anyone the confidence to heal too. When in a hospital bed, it is a relief to feel the love and care of the family who is beside you and watching you regain your energy.  It can somehow give you a sense and feeling of security. Likewise, with the school, it is empowering to see and feel the support from everyone around. It frees us from doubts and can make us believe in ourselves too.

            With the right support, the wounds will rapidly turn into scars. An injury will then become a yesterday story. That is how powerful support can be.

            Soon, the school will fully recover, but we will need support as the antidote to sustain the quality of education service in schools.

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