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Arlene Isip

The conduct of general school assembly is highly indispensable and inseparable to school administration as it is the most formal and appropriate way to facilitate orientation and communication with the stakeholders about the relevant school programs and engagement that require community-based support systems. Conducting general assembly is the most institutionalized way to establish communication and interaction between the school community and its partners as initiated by the school administrators. Organizing general assembly is also viewed by many as the leading best practices in community relations of the principals. Although this practice is commonplace, yet its value to school administration is evident and established.

Posting communication updates about school programs through social media is also ideal. The roles and impacts of technology extend to the field of school administration. The leadership functions and services of school administrators including establishing communication systems with the community partners are currently accommodating and mainstreaming technological applications and reinforcement including the use of social media. When used appropriately and meaningfully by the school leaders, social media and other forms of technology may render positive implications and extend benefits in the communication system between school and its partners in the society. School leaders also find faster access of the stakeholders and school partners to social media that enables them to be well-updated of various school affairs.

 Conducting home visits to parents especially those who have serious issues to deal in relation to children’s schooling is also assumed by school leaders. This is because home visitations are typically conducted for intervention purposes. However, school administrators would rather conduct general assembly to cater to the needs of greater volume of school partners to be oriented about varied school advocacies and undertakings. 

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Arlene Isip
Arlene Isip

Master Teacher I, Balanga Elementary School

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