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Written by: Eduardo F. Molina, Teacher III – Cabog Cabog Elementary School

Learners do not only depend on teachers and parents, they need to be proactive. How would you determine if the learners are proactive in school and in the way they deal with their respective studies? What are the attributes of proactive learners?

Proactive learners focus on education. This means that proactive learners give more attention and diligence in their studies for them to learn more and be much productive. This proves that they are active in adhering to the goals of education.

Proactive learners participate actively in school. There are several activities in the school.  The proactive learners evidently participate in these worthwhile events, whether academic or non-academic activities.

Proactive learners work independently. The proactive learners do several things at their own way and trust their abilities in achieving things in the school. Proactive learners are not afraid to try and take a risk.

Proactive learners are assertive. This means that the learners are confident in claiming for their rights and benefits as learners. They express their voices and express what they feel.

Proactive learners think critically. They don’t just accept what is given to them instantly but instead find it authenticity and validity for they think of what is right and acceptable. Further, being critical is also tracing the very essence of things.

Proactive learners broaden their knowledge. They keep on searching for facts, information or knowledge for the proactive learners believe that these things are very essential and contributory to their education.

Proactive learners use innate skills. The learners who are active know how to use their inborn skills and talents.  They use these productively and meaningfully in school in order to be at their best.

Proactive learners keep on discovering. This is one of the remarkable attributes of being proactive.  Learners are fond of discovering new things and new ideas.

Proactive learners share ideas with peers. The altruism is evident in proactive learners for they share what they have in order to contribute meaningfully to the group where they belong.

Proactive learners also conduct self-learning. There are times that the proactive learners are having their initiative to do things and learn at their own pace and way. They want to learn things at their own before they express to others.

Proactive learners engage in challenging tasks. Since they are by nature adventurous, proactive learners like to surmount challenges in the school for they are not afraid to try.

These best describe the proactive learners which our young generation of students must acquire!

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