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Arlene Isip

Brigada Eskwela is the most prominent and evident program that fosters school-community linkages and which requires multiple leadership roles and functions from the school administrators especially in establishing partnership with stakeholders and community volunteers. It also shows that through quality and relevant type of leadership and educational management by the school administrators that rely on collaborative approach to leadership, the context of Brigada Eskwela Program evolves and transforms from being merely an activity preparatory to opening of classes into a school advocacy that promotes active and comprehensive involvement, support systems and volunteerism of stakeholders and societal members to school programs. The evolving concept of Brigada Eskwela that highlights volunteerism among its community participants is even more reinforced by the culture of collaborative approach to leadership employed by the school administrators. The best community relations program viewed by the principals include Brigada Eskwela because of its capacity to promote active volunteerism not only among parents but also from the stakeholders from the diverse units and sectors in society.

Another best community relations practice of school leaders is spearheading the Early Registration Campaign as a way to promote among parents and community the value of prioritizing children’s enrolment and academic engagement. Most school administrators consider Early Registration Campaign as one of the school programs capable of promoting volunteerism among societal partners as it engages the community in setting priorities to children’s enrolment and education. In this specific program, the leadership roles and functions of school administrators are highlighted especially in designing and implementing measures and strategies on how to motivate school partners and community to take active part in pursuing campaign for ensuring access of children and youth to education. Another is the coordination with PNP and BPATS in the conduct of Barkada Kontra Droga as a school-community drug awareness and prevention program for the learners. School administrators are also engaged in organizing drug awareness and prevention program for the students in partnership and collaboration with the PNP and other relevant agencies. 

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Arlene Isip
Arlene Isip

Master Teacher I, Balanga Elementary School

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