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By Eduardo F. Molina, Teacher III – Cabog Cabog Integrated School

Science is one of the core subjects in the curriculum and learners may benefit a lot from it. A young little child or a beginner may ask what are the real benefits of science not only to one individual but also to all learners in the school.

          A learner may find the real benefits of science in his or her life along the way. Let us now refresh our minds and enumerate the expected real benefits of studying and focusing on this subject.

          Science discusses things around the world and beyond. It is very exciting on the part of the learner that due to science, he or she would be able to discover so many things about the world and even about the entire universe. Science teaches these very vital ideas which every human being must recognize for these add up to his or her knowledge as a learner.

          Science teaches life. It is too inspiring that through science we can study living things. We learn about human beings and where we belong and also about the fauna and flora which are connected to us. Studying life is very significant for we can distinguish our characteristics and features as well as of the other living organisms.

          Science tackles the survival of human beings. This subject area teaches us how men survive in this world.  It also discusses how men interact with nature and other living creatures in the world. It also presents the survival of men in natural phenomena or calamities.

          Science brings us closer to animals. We tend to have a complete concept of the animal kingdom.  It is very important to recognize the animal species around and even the ones in other territories around the world.  Science provides us with voluminous information about animals.

          Science helps us appreciate plants and trees. These plants and trees are very essential to us.  Science expounds on the benefits of the varied plants and trees to our lives and in our daily survival. Science brings us closer to these species that are contributory to our continuous existence.

          Science leads us in the understanding of natural phenomena. There are typhoons, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and the like that are happening in our community.  These natural occurrences are well-explained in science.

          Science exposes us to the wonders of the world. There are many resources that we may witness in our environments like mountains, rivers, seas, and other wonders of nature.  Remarkably, science teaches us information about these things.

          Science provides people with scientific breakthroughs. Some new inventions or innovations are existing nowadays and these are considered scientific breakthroughs. Science showcases these man-made discoveries.

          Indeed, science bestows us with voluminous benefits that we need to enjoy and savor!

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