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Recognition is the Strongest Force

Arlene Isip

Recognition of the contributions and accomplishments of teachers and employees strengthens the quality of service in the Department especially in the schools. Praises and encouraging words boost the morale and confidence because it fosters opportunities for the staff to receive a system of recognition in a greater range or scope. Recognizing the staff in public by the school administrator is highly constructive. It is a way of making the staff feel that their services and contributions are acceptable in the school community and the village, they are serving. The ecstatic feeling of being rewarded goes beyond the school.

Effective school administrators devise a variety of strategies and approaches to recognize their subordinates. It can be through public compliments, verbal encouragement and constructive feedbacking. Motivational approaches of school administrators towards school staff foster opportunities to heighten self-efficacy, confidence, commitment, and engagement of school professionals to pursue further triumphs in the workplace. Most of the school heads choose to recognize and praise their subordinates in public because it makes the staff feel that they are being supported by their superior in gaining public acceptance, trust and respect.

Public recognition of the accomplishment of school staff by their superiors is celebration enough. Formal gatherings and celebrations to recognize staff achievement are only secondary to the profound meaning and impacts of recognizing the contributions of staff in public. Most teachers and school staff also prefer to be publicly praised by their principal than holding a formal celebration in school for their achievement. This is because they believe that public recognition has more enduring motivational impact than material rewards.

<strong>Arlene Isip</strong>
Arlene Isip

Master Teacher I, Balanga Elementary School

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